About the Journal

The Ethiopian Renaissance Journal of Social Sciences and the Humanities (ERJSSH) is an official biannual publication of the College of Social Sciences and the Humanities, University of Gondar. The ERJSSH publishes scholarly articles in all fields of the social sciences and the humanities. Contributions include original articles, reviews, dissertation and thesis abstracts, discussions, and synopses of major research. Articles are to be written either in English or, in specifically justified cases, in Amharic. Manuscripts to be published in ERJSSH are required to satisfy all quality standards common to reputable academic journals. Material submitted to the ERJSSH must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The journal consists of different sections, two of which are peer reviewed: research articles and discussion articles. Submitted articles for these two sections go initially through a first stage consisting of an internal review (IR) process carried out by members of the editorial team. If the articles are deemed not yet ready for the  second stage of external peer reviewing (PR) they are either rejected outright or sent back to the author(s) for improvement integrating the comments sent by the editor. When the articles are accepted they are sent through the second stage of PR, consisting of a double-blind reviewing process. Reviewers are chosen among a pool of over one hundred names from the journal’s PR database. As a norm, articles are sent to two peer reviewers who are typically experts in the topic covered by the article; in some cases a single peer reviewer is deemed enough in order to assess the quality of the article.