Effects of Awareness Raising About Reading Sub-Skills on Students’ Reading Comprehension Enhancement: A Case of Woldiya College Of Teachers’ Education


  • Oumer Ali
  • Mesafint Muchie
  • Yifter Meles


Awareness- raising, reading sub-skills, Reading comprehension


The major objective of this study was to investigate the effect of awareness-raising about reading subskills on the reading comprehension enhancement of students. This research is quantitative in nature employing a quasi-experimental design. Two group of students, experimental and contol with 32 and and 31 respectively students involved. A reading comprehension pretest and posttest were used to gather data. An independent t-test was used in order to determine the significance of the mean score difference between the experimental and control groups. After awareness raising activities about these micro-skills, a significant difference was found out between the learners in the experimental and control groups as (-6.821, df=61, p=.000 which is  p<0.5) in favor of the experimental group. At the same time, the finding in the paired t-test showed that (t=-7.74, df= 31, p= .000) which is(p<0.05) implying a comparison of the means of scores obtained by the experimental group subjects in the pre-and post-test showing a significant difference.