Washback Effect of Ethiopian University English Entrance Examination on Practicing and Motivation toward Genres of Writing Skill in EFL Classrooms


  • Mulugeta Tezera
  • Yoseph Mezegebu


wasback, entrance examination, writing skill, syllabus, contents


Ethiopian University English Entrance Examination is a language testing that measures learners’ performance of the language skills to select those who could qualify to the next level of education, i.e., university. The contents appeared in the examination can affect the teaching and learning practice either positively or negatively. This study, therefore, is to assess the washback effect of Ethiopian University National English Language Entrance Examination toward genres of writing skill using descriptive survey design. Four teachers and ten students were selected from grade 12 using availability and simple random sampling technique respectively. The data that are collected through document analysis, interview and classroom observation were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. The findings of the study revealed the examinations influenced the teaching learning of writing to be aligned with the exam. The teachers taught genres of writing skills according to the contents of the exam instead of teaching them in line with the objectives established in the syllabus. Learning the genres of writing skills based on past entrance exam sheets motivated the students to attend the writing classes effectively. They were motivated to attend the writing classes when the teachers lectured based on the types of questions which appear in the national examination. This entails that students’ and teachers’ practice and motivation towards genres of writing skill were negatively affected by the type of questions that appeared in the tests.