Internal Child Trafficking: Experiences and Reunification with Family


  • Missaye Mulatie Mengstie


child, internal trafficking, reunification


Human trafficking involves nearly every part of the world. It affects all regions and most countries of the world. Though the Government of Ethiopia is attempting to eliminate trafficking, it does not sufficiently address internal trafficking, including child sex trafficking. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences and unification of internally trafficked children in Metema Woreda. To achieve this, a case study design was employed by taking five internally trafficked and reunified children and one key informant from a non-governmental organization working on trafficking. Qualitative data were collected through interview and narrative analysis was made accordingly. The results indicated that internally trafficked children were physically and emotionally abused. They received advice and some medical treatment in a temporary rehabilitation center before unifying them with their families. However, the support was not adequate enough to enable victims of internal trafficking to recover from their traumatic experiences. Therefore, child welfare and law enforcing institutions should give due emphasis to internal child trafficking and offer psychosocial support before unifying them with their families.