Determinants of Employees Readiness for Organizational Change: The Case of Awash Bank, North West Region, Ethiopia


  • Shikur Ahmed University of Gondar


Appropriateness, Management Support, Personal Valance, Readiness for Change and Self-Efficacy


The aim of this study is to examine the determinants of readiness for organizational change. A quantitative research approach with the aid of cross-sectional survey and explanatory research design is employed. From 21 branches of Awash bank in the north west district, 326 workers considered as a population of the study. The study took 180 respondents based on simple random sampling technique. Standardized questionnaire as a primary data gathering tool is employed to gather relevant data. After checking multiple linear regression assumptions, inferential analysis result confirmed that from the four determinants: management support, appropriateness and personal valence are predictors of employees’ readiness for organizational change. However, self-efficacy variable is not a predictor on employees’ readiness for organizational change. For successful implementation of any required change, the support of top decision makers is really significant. In addition to this any proposed change can be implemented successfully when it is beneficial or the priorities of the organization. To make any required change successfully and excel organizational competitiveness awareness training regarding the proposed change importance and its functions should be given for employees and the management body should also be observant of it.