The Challenges of Tour Guiding in the Medieval City of Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia


  • teshale1 birhanu1


Tour guiding, Challenges, Gondar, Ethiopia


Tour guiding often considered one of the oldest human activities that have existed for over two and half
millennia. The objective of the research was to assess the challenges of tour guiding in the medieval
City of Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia. A cross-sectional study with a mixed design was used. Seventyfour guides were included in the quantitative study and key informants were included by purposive
sampling. Quantitative data were analyzed using SPSS version 22. Tables and texts were used to present
the data in triangulation with qualitative results. Of the total respondents, 88 % agreed that there is
lack of proper attention from the local authority, lack of job security, absence of proper training and
awards of excellence. Also similar proportion has reported lack of commitment, lack of interest and
motivation. Lack of adherence to ethical and professional guidelines were major challenges mentioned
by 84% of respondents. Overdependence on traditional one-way communication was mentioned by 80%
of respondents. Lack of coordination among different levels of stakeholders, unhealthy competition
among the tour guides, poor status of tour guides’ wellbeing, absence of proper training were the major
challenges of tour guiding in the study area. Conduct continuous revision on the certification of tour
guiding in light of inclusive practical skill test, ethical standard and contractual agreement.