Molecular markers Implementation in plant breeding for identification and introgression of gene and gene pyramiding-a review


  • Ashenafi Alemu University of Gondar


Molecular markers, plant breeding, marker assisted selection, gene pyramiding


The application of DNA markers has been completed in the analysis of plant genetic diversity, gene mapping, gene inheritance, and in using molecular marker technology in the development of molecular breeding. Today, molecular markers are used for molecular characterization, gene transfer and pyramid formation especially for those which are agronomically essential genes. However, this new generation has little significance for polymorphically inherited traits. Despite the fast developments in plant molecular genetics, bioinformatics, genomics and the growth of interest to use new technology, there are many factors that hinder the application of latest technology in breeding practice. This evaluation article is especially focused on the use of marker-assisted technology instead of the conventional plant breeding which has many strengths and weaknesses.

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