Integrated Management of Garlic rust (Puccinia allii) disease using varieties and Fungicides at Gondar Zuria District in Central Gondar Administrative zone, North Western Ethiopia


  • Beweket Wubshet Bahir Dar University
  • Assefa Sintayehu
  • Zewdu Teshome
  • Samuel Sahile


Garlic rust, Variety, Fungicide, Disease incidence, Severity


Garlic (Allium sativum L.) is an important spice crop which is belonged to the family Alliaceous, and which is widely grown in Ethiopia. The crop is currently challenged by biotic and abiotic factors. One of the biotic factors which affect garlic is garlic rust disease that is caused by Pucciniaallii Rudolphi. This garlic disease is the most affective biotic factor in all garlic producing areas of Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to find out a solution for garlic rust disease by applying the integrated use of garlic varieties and fungicides. Field experiment was conducted at Teda horticultural experimental site during 2019/2020 main cropping season in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The experiment was done in randomized complete block design in a factorial arrangement of nine (9) treatments with combinations of varieties and fungicides at three replications. Two improved varieties (Tseday and Kuriftu) and one local variety combined with two fungicides (Tilt 250EC and Ridomil Gold MZ 68 WG). Untreated plots were also used as treatments. The plot’s size was 2.5m*1.8m (4.5m2) with a spacing of 0.5m between plots, 0.3m, between rows and 0.1m between plants. Data on disease incidence, percentage severity index, yield and yield component parameters were collected and analyzed. The highest (99.2%) local untreated and the lowest (3.51%) Tseday variety treated with Tilt percentage severity index were recorded. The lowest (8.01 t ha-1) yield was found variety while the highest (12.04 t ha-1) total bulb yield and high marginal rate of return were recorded from Tseday variety treated with Tilt 250 EC fungicide. Therefore, according to our research result, Tseday variety treated with Tilt fungicide was recommended as best management method among treatments on garlic rust disease.


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