About the Journal

THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ETHIOPIAN LEGAL STUDIES (IJELS) is a recent Journal of the University of Gondar, School of Law. IJELS is a peer reviewed Scholarly Journal focusing on Ethiopian legal studies from national and comparative perspectives. The Journal aims to serve as a leading publication forum for the thoughtful and scholarly engagement of emerging legal issues in Ethiopia. IJELS gives emphasis to legal issues of contemporary relevance that touches upon recent developments in Ethiopian legal studies. IJELS encourages notes, comments, book reviews, and articles based on critical reflections through empirical, theoretical and multidisciplinary studies capable of contributing to the existing body of legal knowledge. Contributions are welcome from academics, researchers, judges, attorneys, legal advisors, public prosecutors, and members of the legal profession inside and outside of Ethiopia. IJELS is published by the School of Law, University of Gondar, in Gondar, Ethiopia.